Army Specialist pranks fellow soldiers by going “liquid number 2” in her pants

A US Army soldier pranked her colleague with “chemical warfare,” and the results ended in mutually-assured destruction.

Specialist Connaught, who operates under the YouTube channel reportedly “got clowned” while making a bowel movement on duty.

“I s**tted in the female one-stall bathroom and got clowned by the females,” she said.

Using this incident as cover, Connaught utilized “liquid ass” prank spray to stink up the car as her two colleagues rode in the vehicle with her.

Her friend, who initially did not smell the substance, eventually became overwhelmed by the substance.

Connaught sprayed too much of the substance in the vehicle and was also disgusted by the smell, but played it completely straight while pretending to have “s**t” herself.

Her friend attempted to jump out of a moving vehicle but was eventually informed of the prank.

It is unknown what Connaught does in the Army, but she reportedly works in a warehouse.

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