Army Specialist demoted after exposing life of the E-4 mafia online

A US Army medic who was once the poster child for the E-4 Mafia is no more, thanks to breaking the not-so-secret cult’s number one rule- don’t get caught.

“Drip” Jobs, a US Army medic who presumably works at a United States Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) post, was reportedly bumped from Specialist to Private First Class for having a YouTube channel that produced Army-affiliated content containing “conduct unbecoming of a soldier.”

Then-Specialist Jobs had previously had a video featured on Popular Military back in 2016, titled “Day in the life of an E-4 Mafia Army Soldier- Army #5,” which featured him showing up to work hung over, complaining about his job, taking a shower, eating fast food, swearing, sleeping on duty and generally doing things that your average Specialist would do.

Screenshots from “Day in the life of an E-4 Mafia Army Soldier” video

The only problem? His video became popular, too popular.

Needless to say, his chain of command found his videos and ended up busting him down to E-3, which reportedly had a considerably negative impact on his psyche.

I got demoted to PFC and 45 days extra duty. Let this be a lesson to everyone… think before you post online. I’ll hold my head up high and do my time, because I am a soldier. I’ll try to make a video within the next week explaining the situation in more detail (if I can find the time). After completing the extra duty, I’ll only have approximately 2 to 3 weeks left in the army.

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In a video he posted last year, titled “I received a field grade Article 15,” Jobs (known on YouTube as Drip46) explained how he was reduced in rank and received 45 days of extra duty for his online antics, despite being generally well-received by a global audience.

However, his unit did take some pity upon his situation, taking him off extra duty eleven days early for taking the punishment “like a man.”

“Recently, they actually came in and pulled me into the Colonel’s office,” he said back in 2017. “They said -and I quote- ‘it’s unfortunate this had to happen to you, but you handled the punishment like a man and like a professional, so we’re taking you off extra duty.’”

As far as being demoted, Jobs said it “really, really hurt.”

“I got a waiver to Specialist [with] 18 months time in service [because] I’m a good soldier,” he said. “I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror.”

However, it appears the Army wasn’t very kind after the dust settled in the Saga of Drip46, as he left the military about a month after posting the information about his Article 15.

Since then, Drip46 has been very active on social media, growing a beard and most posting social media content of a political nature.

Whether leaving the Army was the right choice or not, only time will tell- however if one thing can be said about Drip46, it’s that he seems to be staying true to himself- and doesn’t seem any worse for the wear.

Video: A secret look into a day in the life of an E-4 mafia soldier

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