Army SFC hacks woman with large knife after being attacked during road rage incident

A soldier from Fort Knox, Kentucky, was charged with felony assault after she reportedly defended herself from a woman overcome with road rage in Elizabethtown.

Sergeant First Class Kai Waters was driving home on February 22 when she first encountered the woman, who was driving aggressively.

“She started honking her horn and pulled next to me,” Waters said. “She called me a black b***h, and said ‘your kind.’ She said, ‘I’m so tired of your people’ and all this.”

The woman then bumped Waters’ vehicle, forcing her to pull over at a busy gas station.

Surveillance footage shows the woman attacking Waters -who was calling 911- before she could even get out of the car.

In a precarious position, Waters grabbed a knife from her vehicle and stuck the woman in the leg. Despite being stabbed, the woman continued her assault.

According to Wave3, Elizabethtown Police arrived and took Waters into custody after the woman began crying for help.

“I thought hopefully, someone is going to listen to me, they’re going to get my story,” she said. “But that never happened.”

The Elizabethtown Police claim that the case is closed and that no comments will be made regarding Waters’ accusations of mistreatment.

Waters filed a complaint against the woman, but the police did not act on it.

A grand jury will soon decide if Waters should be indicted, and the legal situation has landed her in trouble with the US Army as well, though the military is taking her side.

“SFC Waters is a professional and was chosen from our entire field to come to Fort Knox and represent our Corps after an intense vetting process,” Fort Knox LTC Alicia Masson wrote in a statement. “She is a trusted leader and this turn of events is in total contradiction to her performance and character. I understand the police department has a job to do but now that the truth is seen by video that our Soldier was attacked, we hope there will be swift correction to this situation and her rights returned. We stand behind her and are anxious for justice.”

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