Army Sergeant slams combat arms for not accepting women, but turns out he’s a hypocrite

In an effort to woo the fairer sex, get a promotion or both, a certain US Army Mental Health Specialist has landed himself in the jaws of a disapproving (and unforgiving) social media backlash by combat arms troops and veterans alike.

You PC, Bro

Unwittingly taking a page right out of South Park’s recent episodes concerning the disease that is PC culture, Army Mental Health Specialist SGT Shane Donahue penned a scathing retort against the inclusion of women in combat arms roles via his Army Times article “Women In Combat Jobs: Just Accept It and Continue Army Mission“

Sgt. Donahue Army times

Championing himself as a non-commissioned officer with an understanding of combat roles and dedication to social justice, the Sergeant gives a thinly-veiled tirade against those (particularly combat arms) who have been vehemently opposed to the inclusion of women into their branches outside of support roles.

His comments have not gone unnoticed.

“Great, a behavioral health specialist is going to tell grunts and Special Operations soldiers how to do their job”, decried one reader in the Times comment section.

“I think he’s just another POG who is gunning for a promotion’, stated a Special Forces officer (who wished to remain anonymous), ‘the fact of the matter is, we don’t want them (in combat arms). You can’t take the number one aspect of American culture that maintains American dominance on the global sphere and turn it into a pet project in the name of social justice. People are going to suffer, big time.” Some people made memes to criticize Donahue.

The criticism didn’t stop there. Some scoured his social media, finding photos of a Non-Commissioned Officer behaving in a fashion not befitting of, well, a Non-Commissioned officer.

NCO acts poorly

The comments were, at best, hilarious if not downright brutal in their criticism of Donahue, who made several explicit and often misogynist statements in the form of one-line tweets and hashtags. Surely, the leaking of these photos in conjunction with his article send mixed signals on where his integrity lies- one that could certainly harm more than his credibility if his chain of command were to get involved.

“Sgt Donahue Should have secured his social media better”, said one of the posters.

In a world where nothing is private and everything is up for scrutiny, the internet can be a cruel and fickle sea to navigate. For this PC NCO, it seems he forgot to batten down the hatches before going into such rough and dangerous waters.

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