Army sergeant had the military give her implants for her ‘mental health’ but then started doing adult entertainment on active-duty

An adult actress reportedly used her time in service to get the assets she needed to succeed- all due to a little loophole in the military medical system.

Kayley Gunner was a human resources specialist in the Army but decided to embark on a new career after her divorce for her now ex-husband.

On the Holly Randall Unfiltered podcast, Gunner claimed she was directed by her regular surgeon to an Air Force surgeon, especially if she wanted breast implants.

“I told my surgeon about my situation with my husband and that we got divorced, and he would kind of joke about my boobs a lot,” she recalled. “If you have any sort of mental problem with your body or body dysmorphia, they’ll give you free cosmetic surgery because they want their soldiers to be confident.”

“He was like, I would love for you to be my guinea pig and send you up there and see how it turns out, so it was a free boob job,” she said of her surgeon.

It worked, and the military approved the Army sergeant to get what she wanted for free.

“The Air Force does amazing boobs,” she said. “I salute the Air Force.”

Gunner admits she didn’t wait to begin her adult career until after she left the Army, something which is a violation of the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

“I actually started camming while I was in the military, which is not allowed. I did it in my last year because I wasn’t making any money,” she said. “I met some girls who were cam girls, I was like, ‘you’re making what I make in a year, but in a month, I need to do what you’re doing’, so when I saw I was getting comfortable with that I could get out of the Army and survive.”

She even highlights her military service in her adult videos, for example, one video is titled “Ex-Military First Timer Kayley Gunner Gets…”

The adult actress now wonders if her surgeon has seen his handiwork since her discharge.

“It’s so funny because when I was getting my boobs done, the doctor said, ‘I don’t want to give you porn star boobs, you don’t need huge boobs’, and the irony that I’m a porn star now,” she remarked.

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