Army refuses to refer to Chelsea Manning as a woman, denies changing gender in records

Perhaps one of the most well-known transgendered service members, Chelsea Manning's hormone therapy was DoD-approved in February of 2015.

A military prison psychologist is refusing to recommend that be officially changed to female in her Army employee-benefits file.

Lawyers for the transgender solider imprisoned for leaking classified information made the assertion in a federal court filing Monday in Washington.

The document says the chief of mental health at the Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, prison recently declined request. contends she has “achieved stability in her female .”

The document doesn’t say why psychologist Ellen Galloway declined the request.

lawyers say an Army policy enabling soldiers to officially change their does not provide an avenue for to do so unless she is released or receives transgender surgery.

Her lawsuit seeks a court order allowing to wear her hair longer than 2 inches.

By David Dishneau, The Associated Press


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