Army recruiters speak out after video of verbal assault goes viral

Two Army recruiters are speaking out after a video of them being verbally assaulted has gone viral online.

Staff Sgt. Santevius Davis. and Staff Sgt. Linda Bates were shopping at a Walmart in Galleria, TX when another shopper approached them to call them “trash.”

“Honestly I was completely shocked because we are in Houston and the Houstonians are so supportive of the military,” Bates said. “When it first went on, I thought it was a joke. I was completely shocked because I’ve been in the Army for 14 years. It’s never happened to me.”

Staff Sergeant Davis said what was captured on video was tame compared to the verbal assault that ensued as they were followed into the store’s parking lot.

“We were taught to face through adversity and take the high road and move on,” Bates said to KPRC. “He was also very rude to the Walmart employees. A lot of people were trying to defend us as well, but we just moved on and carried on with our day.”

The recruiters are assigned to Army Recruiting Battalion Houston and have received praise for how they handled the situation.

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