Army recruiter threatened by person concealing their hands

By Michael Swaney

An Army National Guard recruiter was recently harassed by a mall shopper while he was on duty at his recruiting station in Maine.

Sergeant Roser of the Lewiston Auburn National Guard Recruiting Office says he was trying to complete his DoD Cyber Awareness Challenge course when a person walked into his office and made threats towards him.

The long-haired person with a heavyset build and a deep voice concealed their hands in a sweatshirt as they entered the recruiting office at the Auburn Mall but the recruiter remained calm.

“You guys are murderers, thieves, and rapists,” the person said. “You all want to make it seem like you are trying to save people but I know what you are doing out there,” they added.

After stating that they were not stupid, the person went on to make a racist remark towards Sergeant Roser, whose skin appears white.

“I ain’t going to let you brain-wash me -f***ing White devils,” they said.

While still keeping one hand concealed in their sweatshirt, they used one hand to make a middle finger gesture at Roser while exiting the office.

“I hope you rot in hell,” they said without ever revealing if anything was in their other hand.

Roser remained calm even though his life was possibly in danger, and politely replied by saying, “have a good day.”

Sergeant Roser poses with a recruit on April 12, 2024 (Facebook)

Military recruiting stations have been the targets of attacks numerous times since the Global War on Terrorism began.

Some stations took measures to improve their security after four U.S. Marines and a Navy petty officer were shot and killed in Chattanooga, Tennessee at a recruiting office in a strip mall in 2015.

Popular Military reached out to the Maine National Guard’s Public Affairs Office for comment and is awaiting a statement.

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