Army recruiter pays ‘Island Boys’ to help sign up recruits

Screenshot from video below

The Island Boys have been enlisted by a US Army recruiter, a curious strategy considering the duo are some of the most controversial rappers in the current year.

The two South Florida natives -known for their Simpsonsesque “Sideshow Bob” hairstyles and tattoos on their faces, were enlisted by an NCO by the name of Sergeant Thomas to try and recruit new Soldiers.

The pair noted that the new enlistment bonuses could amount up to $50,000, but did not mention the skillsets or terms of enlistment required to reach such an amount.

“Army recruiter, giving paid vacations?” one said in the promo.

“Free college, no money,” the other added.

The pair jokingly said they wanted to enlist, referring to Sergeant Thomas as an “honorary Island Boy.”

The video made its way to Reddit, where it was mocked incessantly as an act of desperation.

“Unbelievable. Didn’t think things were this rough,” one user said.

“Hahahahahah SGT Thomas thinking outside the box,” another wrote. “Damn those numbers must be down and he’s pulling out all the stops to hit that quota.”

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