Army Ranger takes down attacker who stabbed woman

A fun-filled Memorial Day weekend for a camper in Arizona quickly turned tragic when she was attacked and stabbed while attempting to use the restroom near her campsite at Wahweap Campground.

Luckily for camper Lisa Sawyer, fellow camper and friend Charles Brown was mentally and physically prepared to confront the attacker.

Brown, an Army Ranger, heard Sawyer’s screams demanding her attacker to leave. Although she was stabbed in the head and arm, she made her way back to her campsite, and the attacker took off.

Brown grabbed his weapon and took off in pursuit of Sawyer’s attacker, according to ABC 15 News.

Brown tells ABC 15 the attacker saw him coming with a gun and ran back into the restroom. Brown never needed to discharge his sidearm and was able to keep the attacker confined to the bathroom until a park ranger and Coconino County Sheriff’s deputies arrived.

ABC 15 reports once officers arrived on scene, they arrested Christopher Alcock, 22, for multiple counts of aggravated assault. According to the police report, Alcock said he “had been using, but he had been trying to get off of it” and stated, “I was getting crazy and had one of my panic attacks like I used to.”

The Sawyer family tells ABC 15 they hope Alcock gets the help he needs, but want him prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

According to ABC 15, Lisa Sawyer was treated for her injuries and is recovering.

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