Army Ranger fights burglars with guns, tells them “play dumb games, win dumb prizes”

Army veteran Jacoby Ray stopped armed burglars from robbing the residence in which he was house sitting. (Facebook photos)

The friend of an Indiana Army veteran made a wise choice when he assigned his buddy to house-sitting duty after the veteran repelled home invaders early Wednesday morning.

Jacoby Ray, a former Army Ranger qualified Sergeant First Class who deployed to Afghanistan in 2001, was house-sitting for a friend in Indianapolis and deep in sleep when he was awoken by the sound of a door being kicked in. Soon, he found himself face-to-face with a burglar.

“He got one foot in the door and he started to come through the blinds. I jumped up and cold-cocked him square in the beak and me and him went straight out the back door and we started wrestling in the patio furniture,” Ray said.

Seemingly unarmed at the time, Ray and the intruder grappled in hand-to-hand combat when two other intruders entered the home, with one opening fire on Ray.

“That kid shot six feet from me, four bullets. He could’ve killed me,” said Ray.

Following the discharge of the firearm, the intruders fled and neighbors called the police.

According to CBS4Indy, several attempts have been made to break into the home in the past few weeks and the Army veteran is certain he left his mark on the intruders.

“You play dumb games, you’re going to win dumb prizes and he won a dumb prize last night. Wherever he’s at, I know his face is messed up because I got him a few times,” said Ray.

As security cameras are scheduled to be installed around the home, Ray had a warning for the intruders: if you value your life, don’t come back.

“If they do come back and they do come inside, they are definitely not leaving unless they’re in a body bag,” he said.

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