Army questioned for using helicopters to simulate ‘hurricane winds’ during a division run

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The 7th Infantry Division is coming under scrutiny for taking a division formation run too far, after they reportedly had AH-64E gunships hover overhead to provide heavy [and damaging] winds.

The division, which is stationed at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington, enlisted the help of the Apache Guardians of the 16th Combat Aviation Brigade to hover over the division run last week, to ensure that the unit guidons flapped gracefully in the wind.

“Last week was the 7th Infantry Division run and we were supporting in force with an AH-64E Apache flyover of the formation to make sure those guidons and colors were adequately flapping in the cool morning breeze,” the 16th CAB posted to Instagram on Friday.

Reports of damage to property caused by the generated winds was reported by TerminalCWO, a whistleblower page that highlights the incompetence of military high command.

“‘16th CAB flew apaches over the 7th Infantry Division run,” the IG post read. “The division commander ‘allegedly’ wanted ‘hurricane’ winds. 16th CAB’s Instagram page simply says ‘we were supporting in force with an AH-64E Apache flyover of the formation to make sure those guidons and colors were adequately flapping in the cool morning breeze.’ Sources told me cars and property were damaged as a result.”

TerminalCWO went on to recount a claim from one source, who refuted the Army’s claim that no tort claims were filed due to wind damage.

“I can tell you there’s 12 claims with Base Legal from our WX guys alone for their vehicles…They completely ignored the route structures and broke airspace mins WITHOUT telling anyone this was the plan,” the source was quoted as saying. “The entire aviation division is up in arms about it with the garrison commander. Now the damage claims are trickling in and we’re being told not to mention it anymore…then these jackasses make a post like this.’”

TerminalCWO gained notoriety following the “soft-purge” of servicemembers who refused to get the COVID shots, which appears to have turned out in their favor following the mass spike in myocarditis-related incidents in the military since 2020.

Despite complaints from some users and critics, many of the people who were running said it was something of a morale boost to see the Apaches hovering in place.

“That run wasn’t bad and I thought it was cool seeing them while running,” one person stated in response to Terminal CWO.

AngryCops, a YouTuber who specializes in military content, praised the behavior.

“You know what? I’m cool with it,” he wrote. “Do cool sh*t, deal with a couple busted car windows and downed trees. Get that clout boys.”

Another netizen noted the distinct lack of hookers- and by “hookers,” we mean CH-47s, which are the fastest and most powerful helicopters the army has to offer.

“Should’ve had Chinooks do it,” he wrote.

The 7th Infantry Division, once a proud combat unit with a history dating back to WWI and is the bearer of the coveted “Black Widow” hourglass unit patch, does not actually appear to have any combat units of its own- borrowing the 16th CAB and two Stryker brigades from the 2nd Infantry Division.

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