Army PVT had sex with underage girl in his Mercedes after offering her $9k

A suspiciously-wealthy US Army private stationed in Colorado was nabbed by the authorities after it was revealed he was attempting to lure an underage girl into being his “sugar baby.”

Private David Guerra, a Cavalry Scout with the 4th Infantry Division, was arrested in late August after he allegedly offered $9,000 to a 17-year-old girl in Colorado Springs in exchange for sex and nude photos.

Guerra reportedly met the girl on Tinder, which sets an age minimum of 18 for users. After sending her several messages saying, “hey,” but receiving no response, Guerra reportedly upped his game with a little cash to get the girl’s attention.

“Hey wanna make $9,000?” he asked, showing the girl a video of his bank account statement, which reportedly had $369,546 in funds.

Guerra told the girl that he previously had a “sugar baby,” and that if she wanted the position, she could make that kind of money by being his personal sex partner.

The soldier then demanded explicit photos from the girl, and said he would pick her up, even after she told him she wouldn’t be 18 for another three months.

Not long after, the two had sex in his Mercedez Benz, and the “relationship” continued, even though Guerra had failed to send the girl the money over a period of time.

Frustrated with not being paid, the girl refused to have any other sexual escapades with the private. When Guerra threatened to cut her off, the girl snapped back.

“I’ll report you,” she told Guerra, “I’m 17-years-[old] and you’re technically still in the Army so it’s illegal ’cause I’m not 18.”

The hunter had now become the hunted, and the teen turned Guerra into the police.

According to KRDO, Guerra has only been in the US Army for around one year.

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