Army privates ruin “Keke challenge” for everyone, extremely cringe worthy experience

The “In My Feelings Challenge” is officially dead- and a fire team-sized element of Army support personnel killed it.

Members of Joint Base Langley-Eustis’ 7th Transportation Brigade (Expeditionary) posted a good reason for forgetting such a viral challenge ever existed, in a YouTube video featuring the hilariously-misspelled title, “Keke do you love me by drake ( in my fillings challenges).”

Actually, this video is so awful, maybe the “in my fillings” title is spelled correctly- watching it feels like dental work.

In the video, four slick-sleeved soldiers (including some with some seriously-crooked unit patch placement) are marched to a point by their PV2 supervisor and told to remain at attention until she returned.

Naturally, they don’t sit still. No, they dance to what might just be one of the dumbest songs of our time, making complete asses of themselves until their PIC (Private in Charge) returned, catching them in the act and shaking her head before walking away.

With their supervisor nowhere in sight, the entire fireteam resumes dancing, all to the curious looks of more professional soldiers in the background.

Fortunately for humanity, the video only has 11 views.

It is unknown what punishment their NCO will face for allowing such a thing to happen.

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