Army Private says he joined to learn to “shoot a motha-f****” and get “100% disability”

An Army Private, in the Reserves, from Austin, TX has garnered much attention online after posting a video explaining how he can serve in the Army with Trump as the president. 

Free college for me and my muthaf**kin kids — and a bonus too; god damn me; shiiiiit; teach me how to shoot a muthaf**ka; travel all around the world; b***hes on the d**k, ” Loony Washington, who appears to be assigned to the Army Reserve’s 11th Aviation Command, rambled in his video.

After a few more strategically placed expletives, Washington, who proclaims to be a “n***a from the south,” laces up boots, executes a left face and says, “I am an American Soldier.”

“As members of the Army Team, individual’ interactions offline and online reflect on the army and its values. The Army values apply to all aspects of our life, including online conduct,” the Army stated in an All Army Activity message (ALARACT) in February.

Washington is also an aspiring rapper with songs on Soundcloud and music videos on Youtube. The content of his videos suggest he has no intention of actually adopting the Army values.

“You know I ain’t going to change cause I’m a nigga from the hood,” he says in his song titled, “Confessions.”

According to the Army’s social media handbook, “commenting, posting, or linking to material that violates the UCMJ or basic rules of Soldier conduct is prohibited.”

The Army Human Resources Specialist’s video, which was originally posted to Facebook, has had over 2 million views since it was posted on Wednesday.

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