Army platoon sergeant says she knows her superiors check out her Instagram modeling

Staff Sergeant Alicia Neuman (Instagram)

A female Army platoon sergeant based out of San Antonio is pulling double-duty as an Instagram fitness model, accruing over 58,000 followers and crafting personalized workouts for her troops.

28-year-old Staff Sergeant Alicia Neuman’s “@fit.and.styled” account is awash with photos of the female platoon sergeant wearing seductive workout gear, often sent to her by sponsors.

Despite this, she makes it a point to keep a professional bearing, knowing full well her superiors, peers, and subordinates at Joint Base San Antonio-Fort Sam Houston can watch her every move in public forum.

“I wouldn’t want people to think that just because they’re ‘girly’ or like to wear dresses or like to wear makeup that they aren’t cut out for the military,” Neuman told the San Antonio Express-News.

@fit.and.styled Instagram

Neuman doesn’t wear revealing outfits- but then again, she doesn’t have to. With a well-defined physique, Neuman’s hard work speaks for itself, and she doesn’t have to show more skin to be a cut above the rest.

“I might not be fully covered like a nun,” Neuman said, “but I’m not trying to send the wrong message.”

Neuman regularly emphasizes the importance of PT to her soldiers, customizing their physical training regimens in order to squeeze every bit of potential out of their training time.

“I have to be at (physical training) at 4:30 in the morning, and so from 4:30 to 6 we’re working out,” she said. “I try to make (workouts) fun.”

If one were to take a look at her spacious San Antonio apartment, it would be pretty obvious where all her money goes. Neuman’s home is one giant gym- an open area with sparse wood floors, lots of windows and a slew of expensive gym equipment.

Of course, this all pays for itself in a way, as the California native moonlights as a certified personal trainer.

According to the San Antonio Express-News, the model is a hit with many who know her well.

“She should be the poster child for what a soldier should be,” said roommate Cheyann Saenz. “She wakes up every morning with a can-do attitude. I do think that a lot of her following appreciate that she is a soldier in the U.S. Army. I think that a lot of people look up to her (because) she is a soldier that lives a normal life.”

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