Army PFC chokes out female captain to prove a point after being challenged

During the weigh-ins for an Army combatives tournament in Iraq, an Army Private First Class and a male captain (who was performing the weigh-ins) got into an argument.

The captain told the PFC that there is a female CPT in his weight class and he is sure to lose to her.

The PFC smiled and told the CPT, “you don’t know me,” which only infuriated him.

Ironically, the PFC’s first match happened to be against the female CPT.  According to multiple accounts of the incident, his goal was to put her into one move that would be sure to make her tap out but he ended up choking her until she was unconscious.

After about 30 seconds into executing the choke hold, the PFC realized the female CPT had passed out. By the way she was positioned, the referee or the PFC could not see her face to tell she was out prior to his release of the choke.

After he saw her purple face, he put his hands over his head as you hear the referee call for “MEDIC”

Apparently, the PFC was not even Level 1 Combative certified but little did everyone know, he had competed in the Pan American BJJ tournament twice.

The PFC ended up giving the female captain advice for getting out of the move and she went on to compete in the Army tournament but the male captain who conducted the weigh-ins was not so cordial.

The weigh-in captain refused to shake the PFCs hand, even after his unit placed first out of all the Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, and Civilian Contractors competing.

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