Army officer took off shirt to confront enlisted soldier so he wouldn’t know his rank

By Michael Swaney

A video of a US Army officer’s encounter with a young soldier has gone viral for a second time -seemingly due to its timing and powerful message.

The holidays are tough for anyone in the military who isn’t able to be around their family and loved ones but not everyone feels comfortable expressing their feelings while in uniform.

But one Army captain is on a mission to overcome that hurdle.

The young Army captain, who goes by Mr. Griffins on TikTok, has gained 1.8 million of followers by creating content filled with comedy and empowering messages.

In December of 2022, a video of his -which has gone viral again- featured Captain Griffins in his car telling a powerful story about him confronting a soldier who appeared in distress.

“Let me tell you about a conversation I just had and how God works in mysterious ways,” he said.

He went on to explain that most soldiers were off on leave for the holidays but those who had not earned leave days and/or chose not to take the vacation had to work half days.

“So here I am after my formation…I’m in the back of the parking lot with my windows cracked listening to music and I heard a conversation that was very emotional,” Griffins said.

Attempting to be courteous of the soldier’s privacy, Griffins said he rolled up his windows but could still tell the soldier was distressed from the phone conversation he had in his car.

“He started wiping his tears and I could see him doing that so I took my top off because I did not want him to know my rank because I knew I was going to approach him,” he said.

Knowing the soldier would be intimidated by his rank, Griffins was hoping by concealing it the soldier would be honest with him.

“So here he is getting out of his car, I took my top off, I rolled my window down and I look at him and I say, ‘hey how are you doing.'”

“He gave me that look, that smile like ‘hey how are you?'” Griffins said.

“I was in shock because I knew he wasn’t,” he added.

“So I paused, took a tactical pause, and said ‘How are you really doing?'” he said choked up with tears filling in around his eyes.

The soldier broke down and started crying and let him know everything he was going through, according to the captain.

“It’s okay not to be okay,” he said.

“You don’t have to put on a front, we all go through something…life doesn’t discriminate. It’s okay not to be okay.”

The story of his act of compassion and an unlikely encounter between a commissioned officer and an enlisted soldier received millions of views before its most recent re-post to Facebook on December 29th.


It’s okay to NOT be okay 💙

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In two days, it has already had over 181k views on the Disgruntled Vets page.

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