Army officer still AWOL after being found guilty of sexually abusing his daughter

A disgraced US Army officer based out of Arizona is still missing, one year after he was to be court-martialed for sexually abusing his daughter.

Capt. Christopher L. Wilkinson, who taught at the Captain’s Career Course at Fort Huachuca, was sentenced to three years in prison and dismissal in 2021, after a judge found him guilty of indecent exposure and abusive sexual contact against his daughter.

However, Wilkinson went AWOL in January of the same year, abusing the trust his command placed in him when they allowed him to go on leave and settle his affairs.

Despite efforts to find him by the US Marshals, US Customs and Border Protection and the US Military, Wilkinson has vanished.

Wilkinson’s defense attorney believes that the rogue captain may have died while hiking, though an Army judge claimed that “there are a number of considerations which could lead a reasonable factfinder to conclude that [Wilkinson] voluntarily fled.”

According to the Army Times, Wilkinson “was not assessed as a flight risk” and was required to physically check in daily with his unit during his leave.

After January 26, however, Wilkinson vanished, with his last known geolocation of his phone being in the Whetstone Mountains.

Wilkinson’s vehicle was found on his now-incarcerated girlfriend’s property on January 30, and locals report hearing a woodchipper operating on the property. Wood chips were found in the bed of Wilkinson’s truck.

While Wilkinson’s phone pinged from the same Whetstone location on February 2, it was still powered down.

Wilkinson remains at large.

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