Army officer opens up about soldier kicked out of Army for violently lashing out at superiors

John Lambert was forced out of the military after an incident where he assaulted an Army officer. (Photo credit: Facebook)

A US Army officer is speaking out against the chaptered soldier who couldn’t “get off the block,” particularly concerning the disgraced enlisted man’s assault on medical personnel in Korea.

The officer -who agreed to speak to Popular Military on the condition of anonymity- had been present when Army cook and problem-soldier John Lambert began threatening and assaulting medical personnel over a self-inflicted injury.

In his own testimony, Lambert claimed that he was an unfortunate victim of not only an unforgiving Army (who denied him timely parental leave and the respect he felt he deserved) but also a victim of an abusive medical officer at South Korea’s Rodriguez Live Fire Range in 2016.

In Lambert’s own video, he admitted to damaging his own hand prior to going to the aid station.

However, one medical officer, who had been present at the time of the incident, alleges that Lambert not only acted as the aggressor but was dishonest in his testimony.

In the officer’s testimony (which can be backed up with CID reports), the unit’s Physician’s Assistant (PA) inspected Lambert’s hand but was quickly told to mind his own business.

“[He] asked him how he injured it and he told [him] that it was none of [his] business,” the officer said in a statement.

When the PA told Lambert that he would not be disrespected and would stop the evaluation if Lambert continued to misbehave.

“He continued to be disrespectful and was asked to leave,” the source said. “When he was asked which troop he was in, he responded, ‘I’m not in a troop!’”

Lambert then attempted to leave but was blocked by the PA, who demanded to know which unit he belonged to. It was at this point that Lambert began pushing the officer in an effort to escape.

Now assaulting the officer and screaming in his face, Lambert drew the attention of a medic, who was circling into position to put Lambert in a choke-hold.

The PA instructed his medic to stand down, choosing to de-escalate. Stepping aside, the PA allowed Lambert to leave.

Only Lambert didn’t leave.

“He walked about 20 feet away and threw his bag across the road and circled back towards [the PA],” the officer said. “He stopped about halfway and started repeatedly screaming ‘let’s go!’ while jumping up and down.”

Lambert continued his childish song and dance, attempting to get the PA to fight him. When the PA refused, Lambert began turning his aggression towards other members of the medical station, including a Sergeant Major.

Eventually, the law caught up with Lambert.

“We all filled out sworn statements with CID when he was arrested later that night. He was charged with assault, failure to obey a lawful order, and communicating a threat,” the officer said.

Following Lambert’s release from the brig the following day, the very same physicians assistant treated him for his injuries.

Ultimately, all involved who spoke to Popular Military about the incident were less than impressed with Lambert and his attempt at trying to garner sympathy from others for his poor behavior.

“He should apologize to the oxygen that he wastes,” one source said.

As previously reported, Lambert was chaptered out of the Army and resumed his previous lifestyle in southern California.

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