Army officer arrested for sexually abusing adopted children for years, wife allegedly covered it up

An Army officer and his wife adopted six children- only to sexually abuse them for over a decade.

Daniel and Shanynn Kemp were arrested in 2018 by the New York State Police after one daughter reported sexual abuse in 2017, according to a recently-filed indictment.

The two had adopted the children while they were based at Fort Drum, New York, and almost immediately began sexually abusing them after they moved to another state.

One victim claimed that while the Kemps were assigned to Fort Campbell, Kentucky, sexual abuse was so frequent that there was no way to accurately keep count.

“It happened so many times she was unable to quantify how many times she was abused,” federal indictment papers read.

According to the News Observer, some of the kids were forced to watch pornography and that abuse continued until April of 2017, when one of the victims told school officials in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, about the abuse.

“She disclosed being physically abused by Kemp and showed her teacher photos of the physical abuse on her Nintendo DS. She also disclosed that Kemp forced her to watch pornographic videos on his computer,” FBI investigators wrote in the indictment.

When North Carolina child protection agents tried to get involved, the Kemps were less than cooperative. In fact, they left the state.

“Mrs. Kemp stated she refused to cooperate with the investigation, would not allow her children to be interviewed, and that she had left the state with her children and they were in Alabama. Mrs. Kemp stated she was outside of their ‘jurisdiction’ and nothing could be done,” the indictment read.

The family was eventually found in Texas, where they had an interesting encounter with law enforcement.

“Victim 1 stated her mother forced her to recant what she said. Victim 1 stated everything she reported to law enforcement was true,” reports read. “Victim 1 said her mother told her that if she continued to tell people Kemp raped her that he would either commit suicide or go to prison which meant they would not have any healthcare or money.”

Kemp is currently jailed in Kentucky, but will soon be extradited by US Marshals to North Carolina.

The officer’s LinkedIn profile lists him as still serving, first entering the military in 1991.

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