Army NCO watches as self-proclaimed “Dependapotamus” humiliates her husband

Dependapotamus: Traditionally a service-members dependent who is a “stay at home mom” that doesn’t do a damn thing all day besides sitting on the couch looking remarkably similar to jabba the hut leaching off of military benefits and eating anything that gets too close.

While there are many young Private First Class (PFC) soldiers in Army with poor marriages, this one takes the cake.  In a video recording -released through YouTube- the Army PFC, Chance, is forced by his wife to get on his knees and promise to rub her feet.

One of Chance’s fellow soldiers could not help but find humor in the situation so he recorded the entire interaction.  Chance’s wife was not okay with him agreeing by saying, “fine.” She apparently wanted to continue her humiliation by recording his pathetic response so she could post it to Facebook.

“Your job is to rub each one of my feet for thirteen minutes a piece; say I agree,” she says.

When the NCO mentions TRICARE (military healthcare) and BAH (military housing allowance), she says, “That’s all I’m in it [Army] for.”

“I am a Dependapotamus… I’ve been with him since he was a fuzzy (the rank of Private (E-1) is nicked named “fuzzy” because there there is no rank to wear over the velcro on the Army uniform).”

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