Army ‘Nam’ vet running for office is so blatantly racist it’s almost too bizarre to be real

A Vietnam vet and bonafide white supremacist is running for office in Illinois – and it’s almost too bizarre to be real.

A former member of the 4th Infantry Division during Vietnam, Arthur Jones is one of eight white nationalists running for office across the country, attempting to secure Illinois’s 3rd congressional district despite being denounced by the Republican party.

A perennial candidate, the 70-year-old Jones has been running for various offices since the 1970s, though he’s never actually won anything.

In an interview with Today Show journalist Morgan Radford (who is of mixed race), Jones told her that the “white blood” is the reason she went to Harvard.

“The average IQ of a black person is about 20..points lower than the average IQ of a white person,” Jones said.

“I went to Harvard,” Radford said in response.

“Alright,” Jones snapped back. “…You got a lot of white blood in you, too.”

Radford showed a calm and amused level of restraint that seems unheard of in an era where people frequently “fly off the handle,” possibly because she felt Jones was a bit “off.”

Jones is a Holocaust denier, who is running on a campaign promise to make local neighborhoods 90% white.

The Republican party wants absolutely nothing to do with Jones. A neo-Nazi himself, Jones doesn’t think very highly of the party, either- even populist President Donald Trump, whom many accuse of being the catalyst for the “alt-right” movement.

“I’m sorry I voted for the son of a bitch, pardon my English” and that Trump was “nothing but a puppet … this Jew-loving fool,” were just a few things he said at a neo-Nazi meeting in Kentucky, mentioning that the president “surrounded himself with hordes of Jews including a Jew in his own family, that punk named Jared Kushner”.

According to Jones, “I will work with the [Ku Klux] Klan, with socialists -I exclude communists of course- any patriotic organization that is in general agreement with my beliefs and principles.”

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