Army mechanic says he works “9 to 5” and is basically a civilian in uniform

Yet another US Army Soldier gives us a unique look into Army life in a video that may land him in front of his superiors, who may want to provide him with some “motivation.”

For US Army Specialist Isai Mercado, being a Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic (MOS:91B) isn’t really any different from working at the Pep Boys or Chevy dealership in your home town.

“As a 91B( Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic), it’s just like working in a dealership,” he wrote in the video description. “The only difference is that we use military equipment and wear uniforms.”

Starting his day at 0600, Mercado falls into formation sometime around 0615 for PT, which lasts until 0730. After that, he goes about his business until he returns to his unit at 0900.

Mercado’s life is the motor pool, where he works on vehicles.

“These jobs can be stressful, especially [if you’re] working in the motor pool like I do most of the time,” he said.

Apparently, Mercado’s Fort Bliss-based unit doesn’t deploy, which -based upon his demeanor- is upsetting to him.

“I’m definitely in the motor pool a lot,” he said. “I’m in a company that doesn’t deploy so that kinda sucks.”

“The Army nowadays is pretty much a 9 to 5,” he added, noting that his unit has become like a family.

Well, at least he’s got that going for him, as well as his seven subscribers on YouTube.

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