Army makes new curfew in S. Korea, leaders given 30 minutes to give accountability

The 2nd Infantry Division/ROK-U.S. Combined Division held a division run this morning to kick off this year’s annual celebration of the KATUSA/U.S. Soldier Friendship Week at Camp Casey, May 14. (U.S. Army Photo by Spc. Sarah Williams, 2ID/RUCD Public Affairs)

South Korea has long been considered an undesirable assignment for US soldiers. Despite beautiful landscape, vibrant cities (such as Seoul) and lots of things to see, it’s often hard to enjoy one’s self when constantly micro-managed.

Knowing this, it comes as little surprise that US Army 2nd Infantry Division commanders in Korea have taken the “no-fun” knob and cranked it up to 11 with a new -and somewhat nonsensical- curfew order.

Distributed earlier this morning, it demands that “an off-installation curfew is in effect from 0000-0500 every day of the year for all personnel in the Republic or Korea who are assigned, or attached to, or under the operational, tactical or administrative control of Commander 2d Infantry Division.”

The memo further decrees that at midnight, all personnel will be inside a private residence, their hotel room (not in the lobby, pool, etc), or barracks room, and that those found outside of their sleeping quarters may be punished.

It gets worse, by the way.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the order further states that “on weekends, holidays, and non-duty days, Brigade, Headquarters and Headquarters Battalion commanders will report 100% personnel accountability no later than thirty minutes after midnight.”

According to USAWTFM, insult was added to injury after all passes for rotational units were rescinded mere days before Memorial Day Weekend, causing soldiers with travel and lodging plans to lose serious money in the form of non-refundable fees.

While curfews are nothing new, such a lockdown is unprecedented- though not surprising. According to a comment by one reader, “Some barracks at [Camp[ Humphreys have you sign in/out of the building via CAC, so they track even when you go out to smoke or throw out trash.”

It is unknown how unit leaders will manage to report 100% accountability by 0030.

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