Army LT asks for help after his subordinates call him “soft, ‘Lil’ Debby”

A junior officer in the Army’s Air Defense Artillery branch is apparently having some serious issues with the enlisted and NCOs in his unit- and he went to Reddit to solve it.

The ADA second lieutenant, who only went by the moniker “lostthroawaylt,” explained that his enlisted personnel -including a platoon and first sergeant- were teasing him with an unfortunate nickname derived from his less-than-chiseled figure.

“I’m an ADA 2LT doing my “platoon leader” time and I get a lot of grief for looking “soft” or having a ‘dad bod,’” he wrote. “I played Division 1 football, have a 300 APFT score, and got a 578 and 581 on both ACFT diagnostics I’ve taken since commissioning.” Despite this, most of the NCOs in my company call me ‘Lil’ Debby’ [sic] after my platoon sergeant called me that at PT one day.”

When he approached the first sergeant on the matter, he was told the mockery would stop once he goes to Ranger School- a hard slot to get if you aren’t in a serious combat branch, such as infantry, armored cavalry and artillery.

The post, which is suspected of being a troll post, has since received a lot of attention.

“Your platoon sergeant and 1st sausage have no business leading soldiers,” one person responded.

Another user suggested that -since the LT was so good at physical training- the junior officer “run them into the ground” with lots of running and ruck marches.

Furthermore, the same user suggested the LT win at everything from combatives to organized sporting events in order to assert his dominance.

“Given the branch he’s in, that may not be too hard,” one redditor said of the strategy.

Soon, the suggestions became more intense.

“You ever hear that urban legend about the teacher that would throw a chair through a window on the first day of class?” a commenter asked. “Scared his students shi*less, and he didn’t have any discipline problems the rest of the school year. Do the same thing, but instead of a chair…Use the chubbiest E-2 you can find.”

You can read the full thread here.

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