Army lieutenant, gamer, black belt, actress, model and hot AF

A female military officer, Black Belt, actress, professional gamer and social media starlet is tearing up the internet with her juxtaposition of good looks and ambition.

Despite only being a Second Lieutenant, Sarah Ritterhouse has a resume longer than most people in her generation. From acting and modeling to working as a marketing director and serving as a member of the 926th Engineer Brigade, the blonde junior officer is a living embodiment of “portfolio diversification.”

Formerly a non-union actress, Ritterhouse played several bit parts (including a bits on McGuyver and Vampire Diaries) and even played a martial arts instructor on Drop Dead Diva, likely due to the fact she has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

She also hosted some small-time tv shows before going to college.

She still continues to be transmitted onto screens to this day, as an online gamer known as “Th3GirlN3xtD00r.”

In addition to screentime, Ritterhouse has quite a bit of modeling under her belt (and no, not just on Instagram).

Getting a degree and finishing ROTC in Knoxville, Tennessee, Ritterhouse began her duties as a part-time soldier.

“Saturday is my Monday,” she said last month, referencing weekend drill. “But I’m proud to serve.”

All in all Sarah Ritterhouse has a bright future ahead of her, be it on the screen, on the internet or in uniform.

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