Army infantryman dumps his “dependa,” has last laugh in divorce court

A former U.S. Army infantry soldier’s divorce court experience has won the internet this week.

On Wednesday, Josh Dickey had nothing but a smile on his face as he finalized one of the worst experiences a military person can go through. Dickey appears to have joined the Army not long after graduating high school in 2013.

It wasn’t too long after graduating from basic training, that he was in a relationship with his now divorced wife. While dating, he deployed with the 2nd Battalion, 16th Infantry Regiment of the 1st Infantry Division, based out of Fort Riley, in 2014 and returned almost exactly three years ago this month.

A month after returning from deployment, in March of 2015, he got married to Kayla (last name withheld) -something service members typically do before deployments.


Everything seemed to be going okay for the newly married Army Private First Class and his new bride but in the years to follow their marriage began to degrade.  Dickey was assigned to Fort Lewis, Washington, where he moved with his wife.  They spent two and half years at Fort Lewis until Dickey ‘ETS’d’ in August of last year and finally separated from the Army in October.

But at some point, Mrs. Kayla Dickey went from being Dickey’s sweetheart to a “Dependa” in his opinion.

On Wednesday, their marriage ended and Dickey seemed to be relieved.


“Not sure what’s sweeter, the fact that it’s finally over or the icing on the cake #SayNoToDependas,” he wrote in a now-viral post.

In reality, Dickey says it was her decision to split up.

“She said she wanted to separate and didn’t want to work on it, “ Dickey told Popular Military. “We’re still cool.”

Since it was posted to Facebook, it has been shared over 10,000 times, drawing mixed reactions but mostly laughter.


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