Army hip-hop recruiting video has soldiers saying they want to “quit the Army”

The United States Army has out cringed itself once again, this time with another hip-hop recruiting video put out by the United States Army Field Band.

Jumping off the “success” of his two previous songs, Sergeant 1st Class Arlondo Sutton has returned to the scene with another recruiting song to follow “Giving All I Got,” this time without SFC Jason Locke.

In “Won’t Be Defeated,” Sutton has teamed up with Staff Sergeant Kyra Dorn, who sings away with lyrics related to perseverance as the video shows imagery of Soldiers doing PT.

Needless to say, the video was viciously panned on Facebook.

“Jesus Christ, they made another one,” Nick DiPasquale wrote.

Others wondered what happened to SFC Locke, who co-starred in Sutton’s previous video.

“What happen[ed] to SFC Locke,” Jay Wangster asked. “He got replaced already?”

Meanwhile, the US Marine Corps also had a little fun with the video’s context.

“The Army had to pay for [a] hype video to try and get their boys to work out,” Marine Captain Ross DeSoto quipped.

Released to YouTube two days ago, the comments there weren’t very forgiving, either.

“This makes me want to quit the Army,” Kevin Smith wrote.

“Now the CSM will play this during every brief I have as the motivation piece,” another user wrote.

The video has 5,810 views on YouTube and, in case you were wondering, features a lot of different kinds of PT belts. Safety first.

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