Army Green Beret’s private army, wife and kids taking on ISIS in last Syrian stronghold

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A former Green Beret -turned extreme aid worker is answering the call to duty in Syria- albeit in a different way.

Born in Texas, 56-year-old former US Army Special Forces member David Eubank was formerly a member of the 1st Special Forces Group, primarily running missions in Central/South America and Thailand during his military service.

In 1992, the devoutly-religious Eubank decided to leave the military after nearly a decade of service, claiming he wanted “the freedom to go where God was leading.”

After enrolling in a seminary course, he met his wife-to-be, Karen, and was called upon by his parents- who had received contact from a Burmese Bible group that required his special skills.

“The Burmese said they were a warrior people, and they needed someone like that. My parents called me up and asked what I thought,” said Eubank. “I figured I could go and even if I helped only one person, at least they would be happy and I would be happy.”

With Karen by his side, the duo eventually settled down in Burma, forming an armed special missions humanitarian group known as the Free Burma Rangers, or FBR. The organization specializes in providing aid in places other humanitarian groups are unable or too afraid to go.

While his operation originally began in Burma, Eubank’s FBR began operating in Iraq and Syria, often deployed with the Kurdish Peshmerga in war-torn cities like Mosul and Kobani.

Eubank is currently near Baghouz, the frontline of the last ISIS stronghold in Syria, with his “Rangers,” wife and three kids.

According to the United Nations, some 9,000 people have evacuated the final piece of land still held by the Islamic State terror group in Syria over the past week.

The U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in Syria (OCHA Syria) reports 99 percent of those fleeing are women and children, according to VOA.

While of the front lines, the Free Burma Rangers have been rendering aid to those whom ISIS has injured during their attempt to flee the village.

Videos released by the organization show women and children who were injured by ISIS mortars and gunfire being treated.

Warning: Graphic

Syrian Defence Forces are waiting until all of the civilians have evacuated before they launch their final assault against ISIS.

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