Army general says he might deny leave for unvaccinated soldiers at his base

Screenshot from Facebook Live video embedded below

The commanding general of Kentucky’s Fort Campbell is effectively forcing troops of the 101st Airborne to be vaccinated, claiming they wont be able to travel, deploy or go off-post if they don’t get the jab.

Major General JP McGee claimed that those wishing to avoid the vaccine will encounter trouble and “should not consider things business as usual.”

“It would be irresponsible of me to allow soldiers to travel unvaccinated throughout the United States and bring that back and have an impact on our soldiers, their families and our overall operational readiness. I’m sure that’s not gonna be a popular decision for some, and that’s quite alright,” McGee said.

According to ClarksvilleNow, the commander’s staff are considering several penalties for noncompliance, including limited range of travel and increased reporting requirements for soldiers.

“If you are a vaccinated soldier and you’ve received 2 vaccines, you’re at incredibly low risk of contracting the virus and bringing it back. You pose minimal to no risk. For them, they’ll be able take leave unhindered and with no additional requirements. For those soldiers that choose, as is their right, to not take the vaccine, we will prudently apply measures of how we will make sure you are able to travel safely,” McGee said.

It is unknown if McGee actually has the authority to do such a thing, or if there will be any backlash from the Army.

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