Army wife has become infected with the coronavirus

25th USFK CDR's wife, Connie Abrams visits with the infected wife of a soldier in South Korea.

A US Army dependent has become infected with coronavirus by her husband- who just so happens to be the first US service member to test positive for the virus.

The 23-year old Soldier, who is based in South Korea, became the first American military to be infected and test positive, reportedly also infected his wife- and possibly their infant child.

The wife and baby have been moved to an isolation unit at a Daegu-area US military hospital.

US Forces Korea commander General Robert Abrams and his wife, Connir Abrams, donned protective gear to visit the family at the hospital.

“Just left our hospital where I visited with our soldier with #COVID-19, and @ConnieAbrams visited his wife (positive test this morning) and baby who just arrived from Daegu,” the general tweeted. “Soldier doing well, asymptomatic today and will be tested again later.”

While the Soldier is the first US servicemember to be infected, he is not the first person falling under USFK to fall ill- several civilian employees have also been infected.

According to Business Insider, South Korea has the highest number of infections outside of china, with most recent numbers hovering around 3,150.

In response to the outbreak, USFK has placed a number of restrictions on US military personnel, effectively placing troops on lockdown when it comes to going to bars, clubs, shopping centers and other venues.

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