Army cutting bonuses to spend more on these advertisements

The Army appears to be taking a new approach to recruitment, with the military shifting money away from enlistment bonuses in favor of advertising.

The US Army determined that advertising campaign tactics need to be revamped, and utilized surveys and data to make the decision.

“We work pretty closely with RAND Corp. They have a project that’s been going on for several years, looking at what’s the efficient mix of recruiters, enlistment bonuses and advertising,” said US  Army’s assistant secretary for manpower and reserve affairs, Eugene Wardynski. “Based on [RAND’s] model, we think we’re probably at about 60 percent of what we ought to be spending on advertising.”

The Army Marketing Enterprise Office -staffed by uniformed personnel and civilians, respectively- was moved from the Pentagon in 2019 in an effort to be closer to its partner ad agency, DDB Chicago.

Unfortunately, that will potentially cost new recruits larger bonuses, such as the $40,000 offered in 2019 for a six-year Infantry contract.

“This office was stood up after the budget was already put together. So this team is running on a very lean budget, and it came down from a large budget,” Wardynski said regarding the possible shift of funds.

According to Fox Business, fund reallocation will likely “come out of some bonus programs first, and then the sizing of the recruiting force would be next.” 

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