Army creates “We don’t give a S*&t, we give a F*$%!” video to respond to Navy ahead of game

On December 12, 2015 the Army will take on the Navy for the 116th Army-Navy game at Lincoln Financial field, home of the Philadelphia Eagles.  With just over a week and a half until the game, the trash talking has already begun.

The Army, which is known for the classic phrase, “hurry up and wait” is a bit behind the Navy when it comes to creating trash talking videos.  The Army’s 25th ID released a video in response to the Navy’s video from last year instead of this year’s video. Last year the Navy released “We Give a Ship,” implying the Army doesn’t “give a sh*t.”

This year the Army says “We don’t give a SHIP, we give a TRUCK!” Making it clear the Army only gives an ‘F***’ about winning wars.  Which is more important considering the Army has not beat the Navy in football since 2001 when the Global War on Terrorism began.

25th Infantry Division Army Navy Spirit VideoThe 25th Infantry Division is rooting for Army during the 116th Army Navy Game! Are you rooting for some other hideous beast? #GoArmy #BeatNavy #ArmyNavy #DutyHonorCountry #ArmyStrong

Posted by West Point – The U.S. Military Academy on Sunday, November 29, 2015


This year the Midshipmen released this impressively produced “Star Wars” video that makes you wonder how they find the time.

YouTube video

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