Army corporal arrested with wife’s body in trunk is a secret transsexual

The Louisiana-based member of the 10th Mountain Division who murdered his wife and was caught attempting to dispose of her body allegedly killed her to avoid his cross-dressing habits from becoming public.

Sources say that 22-year-old Corporal Logan Kyle reportedly murdered his 21-year-old Shelena Kyle earlier this month, after she threatened to tell his superiors that he was a cross-dresser who wanted to have a sex change operation.

Kyle loved to dress up as a woman, and was even given a makeup tutorial course at the Ulta store in Lake Charles, Louisiana, spending hundreds of dollars on makeup, sources told DailyMail TV.

This would likely have been frowned upon by his unit, the 10th Mountain Division’s 3rd Brigade Combat Team.

Shelena and her husband reportedly had a rocky marriage and was not too happy about the cross-dressing that the young Corporal allegedly enjoyed.

According to one source, the couple separated due to his transvestite ways, though other sources have indicated that Shelena had cheated on CPL Kyle.

“She could not accept it and they separated while he was in Iraq,” the source told the Daily Mail, adding that Kyle expressed a desire to have a sex change after he was discharged from the Army.

Kyle reportedly had a mistress, Sarah Parker, though Parker’s aunt -identified as Wanda Kerr- claimed she was more of a close friend, who called off their trysts after Shelena wanted to try and fix their marriage.

“Sarah wasn’t his mistress. She wasn’t his girlfriend,” Kerr said. “They dated and then stopped dating when his wife came back into the picture. The wife wanted to make it work and Sarah told him he should go back to her. When I saw her last she said they were no longer in communication. She said they hadn’t spoken in weeks.”

Other sources say that Parker was a “progressive” type who was accepting of Kyle’s secret lifestyle.

A stay-at-home mom whose kids were found in the back seat of the vehicle transporting Shelena’s body, Parker has been stripped of custody and is currently sitting in the Calcasieu Parish Jail for obstruction of justice, failing to report a homicide and two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile. Kyle remains in military custody, though his case will be tried in a Lake Charles court.

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