Army cook kicked out because he could not leave “thug life” behind

John Lambert was forced out of the military after an incident where he assaulted an Army officer. (Photo credit: Facebook)

A Californian who served as a cook in the US Army explained to the world why he being chaptered out of the military in October- he couldn’t leave the “hood mentality” where it belonged: in his civilian life.

While many people flee to the military to escape life on the mean streets, some just can’t seem to stay away from it.

Operating on YouTube under the pseudonym “Lamb Life,” the former US Army cook -identified as John Lambert- talks about why he was being chaptered out of the service.

He originally joined the military because his first son was born and wanted to be able to buy things like a car, house and other services/products that would benefit his family.

While he was initially taken aback by basic training, he claims he became rather motivated and successful following Advanced Individual Training.

“I was really for it,” he said. “This whole Army-military lifestyle.”

That was, until he got to his unit.

After arriving at Fort Riley, he secured housing and transportation for his family. However, he was quickly sent to the National Training Center in California, something he apparently didn’t sign up for.

“It was hot as Hell,” he complained. “Just ridiculously annoying.”

Meanwhile, his wife was due to give birth to his second son, something he was afraid to miss.

“I’m tellin’ them like, ‘’Yo, my son’s about to be born,’ you know,” he said. “They send people back for pregnancies or whatever, so I’m like ‘when are y’all gonna send me back?’”

When he felt like they weren’t moving fast enough, he began to get direct with them.

“For ya’ll who don’t know, I’m from LA, so I had that LA mindset” he said about five minutes into his near-half hour-long excuse video. “If you from LA, you know what I’m talking about.”

“So at this point, I’m like ‘Y’all wanna fu** with me,’” he said, complaining that nobody was making an effort despite reassurances that he would get to go home.

For Lambert, seeing his son’s birth was important.

“I don’t even know what my daddy look like,” he said. “So if I miss my son’s birth, all Hell is gonna break loose.”

Eventually, he allegedly threw a temper tantrum, which granted him two weeks of paternal leave.

Once again, all was well- until he was told he was being deployed… To Korea.

While he enjoyed South Korea as a country, he wasn’t too big on the whole “being a soldier” part of his assignment.

“I was up at 2AM because we had this fuc**ing E-7 that was just all panties in a bunch,” he whined. “We was up at 2 AM to get there at three o’clock to prep-up all kinds of special meals.”

At this point, the “sleep-deprived” cook who didn’t like to work was suddenly realizing the “mental toll” cook life was taking on him. From waking up early to having to, you know, do his job, it all became too much.

Suddenly, the unthinkable happened- He was told off for putting his hands in his pockets.

“I was like ‘F**k you, Bi*ch,’” he said. “Straight up.”

“I know they can’t touch me, but if they did,” he added, sucking his teeth.

He then went on a tirade against what were presumably combat arms troops, telling them to get their “ass in the kitchen” and cook their own food.

From then on, he became incredibly hostile and refused to work, not realizing that being a cook in the Army is being part of a service industry with guns.

At one point, he threatened a senior NCO, slipping into a tirade of racial slurs and threats. When he was later confronted by his First Sergeant confronted him, he punched a wall and went to an aid station.

When a Lieutenant asked him why he punched a wall, he essentially told the officer to mind his own business. When the officer became upset and told him to leave, he became equally upset.

Ultimately, a struggle ensued and Lambert ultimately threatened the officer, claiming that he would kill him if he was touched again.

“Bi*ch, my name ain’t ‘Private,’” he shouted at a Sergeant Major who tried to stop him. “N*gga, my name is John f***ing Lambert, and I’m not in your punk-ass Army, either.”

True to how these stories often go in the civilian world, law enforcement showed up and Lambert seemingly had no idea why he was getting arrested.

“I ain’t do shit,” he said, laughing at the notion that he assaulted an officer.

Needless to say, there was no place for Lambert in the US Army.

Flash forward to 2018. Clad in dreadlocks and posing shirtless on Instagram smoking pot and sporting a marijuana tattoo, Lambert is living the civilian life in Moreno Valley, California(at least according to geo-tags on his Instagram account).

Back in the so-called “hood,” Lambert now seems to find some measure of peace outside of the Army, who allegedly mistreated and failed to respect him for who he was- a kid that just couldn’t -as Drill Sergeant used to say- “get off the block.”

It’s okay, Lambert. Not everyone can handle concepts such as duty or responsibility.

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