Army combat vet who fought off would be motorcycle-jacker gets new set of wheels

Brandon Jenkins

US Army vet Brandon Jenkins said he was just three street lights away from home – when someone attacked him from behind and tried to take off with his beloved bike.

Last week, while Jenkins was waiting at a stoplight in Mesa, Arizona, 31-year-old Joshua Monigold  jumped out of his white pick-up truck and tried to steal his motorcycle.

“I had instincts that kicked in and where I’ve been in life I learned to defend myself.”

He fought the attacker off and the man jumped back into his truck leading police on an hours-long chase through the streets of Mesa. Monigold eventually crashed his vehicle and was arrested.

Jenkins told Fox News after the incident, there is no training for this kind of thing- “nothing can prepare you for something like this.” He said the Suzuki GSX 600 suffered tremendous damage – the rims were bent, exhaust crushed,  the plastic cracked, broken and scratched all over.

He says it stung a little more because the bike had sentimental value — he bought it from a really good friend who even offered to buy it back after hearing about what happened.

Jenkins was trying to get his insurance company to cover the damage, but then he found out a brand new bike was being gifted to him by Kawasaki and Island Powersports in NY.

Jenkins served 12 months in Afghanistan and when the bike maker heard about his story they wanted to give something back.  So, to replace his prized possession, they gave him a Kawasaki Ninja — worth anywhere between $9,000 and $12,700.

Jenkins, who is the father of a 2-year-old boy, could not be on-location when the bike was presented to him, but he was completely surprised when the announcement was made on Fox.

Meantime, Monigold is behind bars facing numerous charges. He was wanted for a hit-and-run crash on March 19– and had 17 prior arrests.

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