Army combat vet arrested after chasing kids with knife in costume

Police arrested Nathanial Dunivin, an Army Afghanistan combat veteran, at a Chesterfield, VA bus stop on Friday.  Dunivin was charged after he dressed up in a costume that he ordered online and chased the children at the bus stop with a large butcher’s knife.

The combat vet’s mother, Misty, says the Halloween prank was really a cry for help.  She told reporters that her son’s tour in Afghanistan is still taking a toll on him.  She says that Dunivan ordered the costume to surprise his sister at the bus stop.  Last year he wore a Gorilla costume and was laughed at so he chose a killer clown this year.

Nathaniel Dunivin
Nathanial Dunivin

The children at the bus stop said that Dunivin never threatened them.  Misty said “for one, it’s a clown outfit and people are scared of that.”  She made it clear that she was not excusing his behavior but the costume’s scary nature could have caused the situation to escalate quickly.

Yesterday, Misty was assured by the VA that they would be ready to help when care is allowed.  Dunivin is currently as the Riverside Regional Jail, which has mental health resources.

Raw footage below

YouTube video

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