Army captain under investigation for saying our military members are racist murderers

A US Army Reserve PSYOP officer is under investigation for unprofessional protests against the Defense Department, posting disparaging Twitter remarks and speaking out against what she refers to as the “US War Machine.”

No stranger to publicly expressing her love for socialism and hatred for the military-industrial complex, Captain Brittany DeBarros has made several public statements, including speaking publicly during the “Poor People’s Campaign” tally in Washington, DC earlier this year.

“My name is Brittany Ramos DeBarros,” she began, as seen in a recording of the speech that was posted to Facebook. “I’m a woman. I’m white, I’m Latina, I’m black, I’m queer, and I’m a combat veteran. As a person existing at the intersection of these identities, I carry a grave conviction in my core that there can be no true economic, racial, gender liberation without addressing the militarism that is strangling the morality and empathy out of our society.”

DeBarros could barely contain herself during the speech, bouncing about as she screamed and spit into the microphone.

“For decades, we have been lulled into complacency and inattention as our drones have obliterated weddings, funerals, religious ceremonies, ordinary homes, and ordinary people,” she shrieked. “It is no mistake that we are waging war in at least seven countries, and all of them are mostly impoverished black, brown and Muslim countries. The same systems that shame an dehumanize us, based on our skin color and our documentation status… want us to believe that those injustices have nothing to do with us.”

The US Army Captain then began to lash out at the military as she discussed her time in Afghanistan.

“They want us to believe the lie that the precious lives of our soldiers are being spent for the protection of our freedoms,” she said. “But I spent a year witnessing the bravery and beauty of the Afghan people, men and women, fathers and mothers risking their lives and their families to overcome oppressive organizations that we funded and enabled.”

“I cannot forget their faces,” she said as she began to cry. “This is a racial justice issue. This is a gender justice issue. This is an economic justice issue.”

The US Army is currently looking into her statements, namely the United States Army Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations Command- the very organization she works for.

“We at USACAPOC are aware of the situation surrounding Cpt. Brittany DeBarros,” Sergeant First Class Stephen Crofoot said in a statement to Army Times last Friday. “To maintain the integrity of the ongoing investigation, we are unable to comment at this time.”

On July 14, DeBarros took to Twitter and announced that she was “on Army Orders for the next 14 days,” adding that she would schedule posts containing “facts” about “the horror being carried out by our war machine for profit.”

According to her account, she made it to July 20 before the posts related to her “#14DayResistance” ceased. Her last known post was made on Tuesday, complaining about a police training exercise in California.

A group known as “Vets4Bernie” claims that they would finish the “14 Days of Resistance” on behalf of DeBarros, adding that “Brittany is being investigated for tweeting government sourced facts about US militarism.”

DeBarros’ social media is littered with far-left activism, including where she was quoted by Union Seminary as having said that “What so often passes for patriotism in this country is the forgotten bigotry of nationalism.”

A several-year span on DeBarros’ Twitter profile shows she has spoken publicly at several events, as well as retweeting posts that criticize the President of the United States on social media and personally participating in “Resist Trump Tuesdays.” In addition, she appears to have participated in a January 2017 march against President Trump’s immigration policies.

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