Army cancels school for hurricane but says driving to PT formation is mandatory

As Hurricane Michael headed towards Georgia, officials at Fort Stewart-Hunter Army Airfield issued some last minute and somewhat nonsensical precautions.

Issuing a statement yesterday, the Public Relations unit announced that the hurricane was affecting the area with high winds, rain, elevating the risk of floods and tornadoes.

“Do not travel unless necessary,” the notice wrote. “Our area is under a flash flood watch, making travel dangerous.”

The safety instructions appeared to contradict other orders in the memo, demanding everyone show up for formation.

“All soldiers and civilian employees will report for work Thursday morning at normal times,” the announcement said. “Units will hold physical training as scheduled.”

Meanwhile, additional headaches arose for servicemembers with children- while the local schools were closed, the soldiers still had to go to work, creating potential child care issues.

The notice was posted by the US Army WTF! Moments Facebook page, and quickly drew comments about how the Army has once again failed to take care of troops.

“In other news, the Army can’t figure out why it can’t meet its recruiting or retention goals,” Benjamin Drumm wrote.

Others chided the way unit leaders are unable to simultaneously lead soldiers and maintain morale.

“Everyone better have their wet weather gear or everybody’s taking it off,” Marcus Castillo wrote.

Others recounted the 2016 incident in Fort Hood, Texas, when nine soldiers drowned after their truck overturned during training in a flash flood zone.

A few facilities, however, were closed today at Fort Stewart- including the NCO Academy.

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