Army is bringing back its WWII-era uniforms, displays prototype at expo

The long-awaited day has arrived- a modern twist of the beloved “Pinks and Greens” of World War II fame was spotted at the Association of the United States Army 2017 Expo (AUSA17).

The 21st Century flavor of the design that helped define the “Greatest Generation” was caught by Soldier Systems at AUSA17, in both male and female variations that border on a unisex design.

A few noticeable changes can be found in the lack of a cloth or leather “Sam Browne” belt, apparent lack of skirts for women and, of course, a presumed return to brown leather shoes and (for the higher-speed troops) jump boots.

Although the new version of the P&G uniform seemingly lacks the belt and could use an “Ike Jacket,” it is no doubt worlds better than the bus driver-esque Army Service Uniform of recent years, which has relied on start white/blue contrasts, tiny pins- which often made soldiers look more like mall security, especially without a jacket.

“This is only a prototype, intended to solicit feedback and there is currently no requirement for a new service uniform,” according to Soldier Systems -a web publication that specializes in covering government procurement news.

While the uniform may be a welcome change for those who are tired of looking dumpy, it still comes with a sting if implemented- with the US Army changing several types of uniforms in the past twenty years, the financial toll may prove heavy for soldiers on a fixed uniform allowance.

Still, that dress cap sure does look spiffy.

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