Army base gate shuts down after man using false name sets off bomb detector

A possible bomb scare temporarily closed down gates at Fort Bragg yesterday, after a suspicious package was found in the vehicle of a person attempting to gain access to the North Carolina installation.

The incident began yesterday when a white male in his early 20s approached the gate in his truck, setting off electronic devices used by the Military Police to detect explosives.

“It could be a weapon, could be ammunition, we’re not sure what’s in that container,” said Col. Larry Dewey, commander of the 16th Military Police Brigade, in a video posted to Fort Bragg’s Facebook page. “Until we know what is in the vehicle, and there’s nothing of a safety concern, we shut the gate down.”

The colonel also noted that the driver did not have military ID, nor did he have any military affiliation. In lieu of identification, the suspect offered multiple names that did not check out.

EOD was dispatched to the scene and later determined that no explosives were in the vehicle.

Fort Bragg’s social media page reported that the gate re-opened at approximately 5:30 PM.

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