Arab man buys homeless war veteran a meal in viral video

During a time when the internet has been flooded with hateful content, a single act of kindness has surfaced and is quickly going viral.

An anonymous Arab man recorded a video of a single act of kindness to help contest the Anti-Arab rhetoric that has been quick to flow from American mouths and social media posts.

How many of you, who have yellow ribbon magnets on your cars, have volunteered at a homeless shelter or have fed homeless war veterans?

Many are quick to advocate refusing entry to the refugees who seek the same refuge as our forefathers did.  I am not going to take a stance for or against this policy, but I do encourage everyone to think before they speak and act.

The Statue of Liberty, the sign of freedom and hope for many of our ancestors, reads “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”

Remember this before you condemn these masses, who are yearning to break themselves free, to death under the Islamic State.  As any warrior knows, fear clouds judgement, and it is only after you free your heart and mind of fear can you think clearly.

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