ANTIFA protester “plays stupid game” with riot police, “wins stupid prize”

(Facebook/screenshot from Mr. Barrera YouTube video embedded at bottom of article)

Man, the Portland Police Department really knows how to get into ANTIFA’s head.

A member of ANTIFA was nearly killed after being hit with a riot control projectile over the weekend, when members of the militant left-wing group attempted to disrupt a scheduled conservative rally in the Oregon metropolis.

First blocking a bridge and then moving their operation further into town, ANTIFA soon came under fire after police began being attacked with bottles and rocks.

Launching flashbangs and tear gas grenades from less-lethal devices, the Portland Police attempted to control the crowd as bloodlessly as possible, although accidents do happen in the midst of chaos.

During the volley of less-lethal munitions, one ANTIFA member had their non-ballistic helmet struck by one of the canisters, penetrating the thin material and hitting siad protester in the head.

In the defense of the Police, the way the canister is stuck in the helmet indicates it likely bounced off the pavement before going into the headgear, which was not of high quality.

Despite this, several ANTIFA supporters want the Portland Police to pay.

“This helmet was being worn by an [ANTIFA] protester,” one woman -identified as Taylor Malone- wrote on social media. “The police fired either a flash bang or plastic bullet into the crowd, hitting this person in the *back of the head*. They were hospitalized even with the helmet and would be dead if they hadn’t been wearing it.”

The poster then decried Portland PD with a “f*** the police” comment, followed by demands that the “violent and racist” police be punished.

“Cops are violent white supremacists and prove it every day,” she wrote. “If you don’t see it, you’re not paying attention. Prosecute the police.”

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