“Anti-police activists” back down to “Nazi-saluting, human-hunting contractor” at the border

A California man with an “attack dog” left anti-police activists confused near the US-Mexico border, claiming he was a contractor sent to “hunt humans.”

The tall African-American man -who was driving a white pickup with California plates and wearing an Arizona t-shirt- allegedly told the activists of San Diego Copwatch that he was contracted to the San Ysidro Border State Park in order to “hunt humans.”

The activists attempted to “educate” the man on how the illegal immigrants were no different than he was, noting that they are our “neighbors” -who can apparently come and go as they please- and how he is a “sellout.”

“Just because your people were never free, you’re gonna go against these people who are seeking refuge?” the activist asked. “They’re our neighbors, man.”

“Our neighbors?” the “contractor” asked in response.

“They live right across the way,” the activist said.

“3,000 miles away?” the contractor smirked, clearly trolling the men.

Eventually, the so-called contractor had had enough and got out of his truck, revealing his tall stature and build.

“You’re a bootlicker, aren’t ya?” one activist asked, “You lick boots?”

“You got some white stuff on your face there,” the man replied. “What is that, man glaze? Okay, fags.”

When the man opened the door, the activists suddenly went on the defensive.

Despite being outnumbered, the man eventually got the protesters to back up, before getting back inside of his truck. Driving to a different parking area, the man kept trolling the activists. As the man drove off, the camera revealed a news van nearby.

“Why didn’t the mainstream news get that s***?” one activist asked his friends.

The “contractor” stopped his vehicle and let his dog out, snapping a bizarre Bellamy Salute before driving away.

It is unknown if the unidentified man was actually a contractor, mentally ill, racist or simply a master at trolling.

According to the video’s description, the incident took place on November 14.

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