Another soldier injured by flag during Mexican Flag Day ceremony

Another soldier was injured by an oversized flag during a flag-lifting ceremony in Mexico.

Footage shows a soldier being hurled through the air after a gust of wind caused the flag to lift him -dropping him from about 20 feet up- during the rehearsal for the ceremony in the Parque Central El Palomar park, in Chihuahua, Mexico.

The soldier, identified as Raul Misal Flores, can be seen dropping from the red corner of the flag and onlookers start to scream.

Local media reports the soldier’s foot beacme stuck in the flag, which swept him up into the air when it was lifted.

“Mr Flores fell between five and seven metres (16-23 feet) and suffered injuries to his chest, hips and feet, as well as a lung contusion,” according to Daily Mail.

Flores told reporters: “I thought I was going to die and I thought of my mother.”

Flores’ is said to be in stable condition but has three broken ribs.

In 2015, a soldier was injured during a similar ceremony in Durango, Mexico when his rifle became entangled in a large flag as it was blown in the wind.

The unidentified soldier was lifted about 98 feet in the air but only suffered from a minor fracture to his ankle as well as a concussion.

The 209-by-104 feet flag is the 8th largest in the world and it weights over 700 kilograms, local media reported.

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