Americans surveyed about their confidence in the US Navy

Despite issues with budgets, pandemics, scandals, and more, the US Navy is still the “clean-cut” branch of service in the eyes of the American people..

Since 2009, the US Navy has maintained a hefty 76 to 82% approval rating, regardless of what is actually going on within the seaborne service.

The survey that revealed the most recent data was conducted internally by the US Navy.

“We here in the Pentagon and D.C., we can very easily get myopically focused on what people in the Beltway are saying and what people in … the op-ed pages are saying,” Chief of Naval Information Rear Adm. Charlie Brown told USNI News in an interview last week.

“It is interesting when we see that the confidence levels in the Navy’s capabilities remain high in the American public. That’s positive and we’re happy about that.”

Then again, the goings-on of the US military -to include the Navy- tend to elude the short attention spans of the American people, with over seventy percent being totally unaware that the Navy was looking to build 355 ships.

Verily, some people just don’t seem to know anything about the military.

“When you start talking about flat budgets, great power competition, [the National Defense Strategy], there’s a pretty significant number of Americans who probably aren’t very well-versed in those kinds of issues,” Brown said. “One of the earlier surveys we did found that 40 percent of Americans think the Air Force has aircraft carriers. That’s a lot of people that we have work to do in terms of just informing them and educating them about what the role of the Navy is and who we are.”

Unlike the days of national service and the draft, the average American doesn’t have much contact with the military.

“The reality is that, you know, for your parents and your grandparents, it was much easier to connect with the military back then, because there was a draft. Everybody had a father, uncle, aunt who had served,” he said.

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