Americans are too fat for service, they would rather “play” war

As America’s youth become fatter and fatter, the US Military struggles to find recruits physically capable of serving in the Armed Forces.

In the world of simulated warfare, however, such individuals are enjoying themselves- even if they’re simply “playing army.”

One such example is YouTuber “Airsoftfatty,” a rather obese young man who does airsoft reviews and was world-renowned for his “lightsaber duels.” While wholly unfit for military service, the YouTuber has no problem engaging in airsoft battles.

Simultaneously praised and ridiculed by individuals in military and police capacities, airsoft is viewed as a valuable training tool, but can often fall into an undesirable light, thanks to individuals who spend ungodly amounts of money to “look like the real thing,” despite being unable to perform in a similar capacity. Likewise, military personnel also notice that the camaraderie involved is not the same as in the service.

“Only in airsoft,” one soldier said, “Can you wear a Special Forces patch and not run two miles.”

In a similar realm, military shooter games and simulations attract many individuals who would otherwise be unfit for service. From ARMA to Call of Duty, the attitudes of online players can be unappealing, especially when they try to relate with combat veterans based on their online experience.

According to the Military Times, a 2015 survey revealed that one in three young adults are unfit for military service due to being too fat, creating a massive shortage of new recruits in an already thinly-stretched military.

While the military is using games such as Fortnite to recruit new soldiers, it is unknown if this new generation -made up largely of obese individuals- will be able to safeguard American ideals in the future.

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