American volunteering in Ukraine made up being a decorated GWOT veteran

Source: James Vasquez/Twitter

A 48-year-old case of “stolen valor” who lied about his service is currently in the Ukraine.

James Vasquez, who went to fight in Ukraine when Russia invaded the Ukraine, admitted that he was kicked out of the US Army Reserves.

Vasquez claimed to be a Sergeant in the US Army Reserves and insinuated that he had served multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The truth, however, was that he was kicked out of the military before he could ever see combat.

Eventually, he was outed for his outlandish claims – however, this did not stop him from remaining in Ukraine as a combatant.

“Due to an unrestrained Russian terrorist state, Ukraine is the most mined country on earth. Getting mine detectors to units in need is our top priority right now,” he wrote on May 9.

According to the Daily Star, Vasquez’s Twitter account has been deleted following criticism, but he remains active on social media via other platforms.

A new Twitter account claiming to be his features videos of him in Ukraine but it has not been verified.

Even so, there’s no way to confirm whether or not he’s actually serving with Ukrainian forces.

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