American Sniper dishonored in Los Angeles

While one billboard has been vandalized to tarnish the name of Chris Kyle, another stands to honor him and his heroism.

As reported by, an unknown assailant defiled a Los Angeles billboard for the record shattering film American Sniper by spray-painting “MURDER!” across the ad. It may even be pointless to file a crime report since finding the culprit was deemed nearly impossible.

According to LAPD Sgt. A. Bone, “If it’s just the word ‘murder’ there’s practically no way to track it down.”

This is not the first time the movie has received harsh criticism. Michael Moore and Seth Rogen have both voiced their opinions on the film, Moore calling snipers “cowards” and Rogen comparing the movie to a fake Nazi propaganda film. Despite this negativity, there stands a monument to the true hero Chris Kyle was in his home state of Texas.

According to, on State Highway 75 near Dallas there is a large electronic display that reads: “Chris Kyle, U.S.N. (1974-2013) Thank you for your service. You made me proud. I will never forget you. – Texas.”

Courtesy of Wounded American Warrior
Courtesy of Wounded American Warrior

The NAVY SEAL was the country’s most lethal sniper and his time overseas was detailed in his book “American Sniper,” as well as the film of the same name starring Bradley Cooper and directed by Clint Eastwood. Kyle was murdered in 2013, but his heroics will not be forgotten.

The film far exceeded expectations bringing in more than $90 million during its nationwide opening. As reported by, senior analyst for Rentrak, Paul Dergarabedian, said in regards to the film’s success, “This is staggering. It’s blockbuster numbers in January, the sort of numbers usually reserved for summer films and superhero movies,” he continued to say, “No one saw this coming. The film has been building an audience and blasting any projections all weekend.”

“American Sniper” now has the title for biggest opening weekend, previously held by “Avatar” in 2010. It has also surpassed the 2004 film, “The Passion of the Christ,” as the top-grossing winter film. It has also been nominated for six Academy Awards including; Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Film Editing, Best Sound Editing and Best Sound Mixing.

Most importantly, it seems like those who went to see the movie really enjoyed it.


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